Hi there and hello, 

My name is Lizzy Wood, I am 20 years old and I am from East Sussex, UK. On my gap year in 2018, I was vey lucky to be a 'Gappie' at an amazing school in Australia. As luck would have it, the school realised that I'd rather lend a helping hand in Art rather than Maths and assigned me to a gorgeous group of Year 4 girls. 

It just so happened that I needed to find a project for the girls, so after delving into the deep, dark depths of Pinterest, I stumbled across the art of paper quilling. I loved doing this and made a little mural as a gift when I left... and sort of forgot about it for a while whilst I struggled for survival hiking through remote areas in Australia. 

A lot of time passed and I found myself at University, where i am studying a combined degree in Law and Music. It sounds weird, but I would like to work in A&R in the Music Industry, so it all slots together quite nicely. In a very competitive world, with many, MANY music graduates, I started to think about how I could show off my creativity and acquire some online skills (eg: social media platforms, analytics, Adobe, Excel, Website Design, yadda yadda). Coupled with my admiration for young students who had created successful Instagram businesses to fund travels, I put two and two together, and decided WOWE was the way forward. 

I have been running for 6 months now, and I am loving it (although not so much the late night Photoshop tutorials.. that stuff is fiddly).