How to Order

Our jewellery is fiddly and so often ordering can seem a bit daunting! This is a quick little guide to help you buy your unique, custom handmade product.
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1) Choose your style. 

All styles are available on the website, and please do check out Instagram for some inspiration. 

2) Add product to your basket. You choose your colours when you get to the checkout!

3) Click checkout and at the bottom of the page you will see 'Leave us a note'.

In the notes section please write your colour choices (numbers needed, please see colour choices page). 

For example: You have chosen the 'Lily'. You can have up to 3 colours in this design. You want it in two tones of yellow, 19 and 21. For colour option A, choose 19. For colour option B, choose 21. The centre, you would like in cream, 23. For colour option C, choose 23. 
All designs are labelled so that you know which colour option is which part on the earrings. See the example below.

3) If you would like something not available or don't quite understand the order system...

Just contact me on Instagram or via email and I will respond as quickly as I can, and lend you a helping hand. I am very excited to receive custom orders and see what designs you come up with, so please do get in touch!